The Department of the Somme is situated in the North of France next to the Department of Nord Pas De Calais.
The Somme and surroundings is often associated with the terrible years of World War I and II.
This is the reason why we work around the theme of the battle of the Somme of 18th of November 1916 when touring in this area.
All fighting parties will be covered, the Britisch, the Australians (Anzac), the Canadians (New Founlanders), the Scottish and Irish (Ulster Division) and of course the German army.
The battle of the Somme took place in the notorious triangle Albert-Bapaume & Péronne.
Also worth mentioning is the battle of Thiepval, a hot item in the battle of the Somme. The British army started the battle on the 1st of July 1916 and were able to conquer Thiepval end of September 1916.
Another famous battle in the Somme was the battle of Mouquet Farm which started on the 5th of August 1916.
This battle followed the battle of Pozières which started on the 23th of July and ended on the 7th of August 1916.
On August the 5th started the first attack of the Australian forces (Anzac). During this attack, the German forces shot the area to pieces.
The Australian and British troops managed to reach the farm up to 3 times, yet every attack was countered by the strong German defense, eventually the Canadian troops took over command on the 5th of September which ended in the battle of Thiepval Ridge. There were around 23.000 deaths and injuries among the Australian troops in only 41 days.
Unfortunately there have been innumerable battles in this area only such as battle of Artois, Vimy Ridge, Beaumont Hamel, Fromelles, Flers-Courcelette, Arras et Monchy le Preux.

The launching sites for the V1 and V2 in La Coupole & Eperlecques and the Atlantic Wall brings us at our next theme World War II.
The numerous battlefields and memorials which are the silent witnesses of this terrible period, can be discussed and of course also visited.
A visit to Boulogne-sur-mer, the largest fishing port of France and the fixed pitch of Napoleon and his ‘grande armée’ is an absolute must.

We can offer you various theme excursions such as the New Foundlanders, the Anzacs, the Scottish and Irish battlefields etc…
If however you want to have a complete picture of these departments with their rich history, we recommend to
book a multi-day tour in order to enjoy this beautiful historical region
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to help us plan your trip according to your own wishes and budget

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